.Another post today.

Hello everyone,
I recently got home and i think my little pet måns is happy about it, he is so cuddly when i have been away so i try to enjoy it until he starts to ignore me again XD, haha I have such a nice cat.
Well me and my bff saw the movie "confessions" and it was awesome! We laughed pretty hard! The only thing that sucked was the ending... It was like - " omg we only have 5 minutes left of the tape lets rap this up, you confess about everything, he regrets what he did, you do it to and then love eachother, END!"
XD Why? We wanted to see more dammit!
Well also got a nice phonecall yesterday night, we got into another class so now i attend 5 classes each week. Both mornings and evenings, so i dont have time to do anything really. I looked at the schedual and it seems we have at least a test each week or something! O.O
Well anyways, now i attend these classes:
Swedish A, English A, Math A, Computerclass and Photoshop class. I just ordered my books and... It was not cheap...
Well i guess i have to eat pasta again this month XD OMG my stocmach cannot be more ruined than it already is becouse of these eating habits...
Well now im gonna play a set of Mahjong and then go to sleep.

XOXO Mickis!

Postat av: Tobias Martinsson - Mitt liv genom en kameralins

sv. Tack så mkt :D

Jag köpte mina hos oss på KICKS och dem kostar 69:-/paret :D

2009-08-29 @ 23:35:29
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