.Hello everyone!.

Just got home!
P-E-U-H! The snow is killing me! Well not really but it is really making it hard for me to walk around.
Well me and my grandma went down around eleven and then it was fine.
We visited some shops and then we went for coffee... When we got out freaking snowstorm had started.
We bought some groceries and went like two cavemen home. -_-

Well soon im gonna clean he place and put up the christmas lightning...
But i wonder where the hell my christmas decoration has gone?
I have freaking looked everywhere!

Ah well.. I find it sooner or later... When i move and have to clean the place haha.
"aaaah thats where it went"

(No im not moving it wa a joke for those who didnt get it, there is always at least one that dont get it...)

HUGS to all you cuties out there!!!

Im considering getting this for my cat! I know he is a dude but... It will look cute!!!


It is perfect!


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