Babysitting =)

Well today im babysitting my friends little daughter ^^
Right now im trying to feed her some oatmeal with some fruit flavor in it but it goes as it goes.
Right now actuallt it goes quite well, she eats really good.
But I think i will get her something to drink. She is quite tired also.
So I gave her a little food in the bottle, cuz you can do that too as long as she can eat it and likes it.
She and I went down to the mall like 2 ours ago. I baought some dinner for me and then some dinner for her today and some dessert, then some lunch food for tomorrow.
Then i forgot to buy me some ciggarettes so i will ask her mom to buy me some before she gets here.
Well Now she is lying in front of the tv drinking water and almost sleeping.

here is a piccu of when i tried to feed her haha

I´ll take more piccus and type more ltaer =)


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