Yeah i know im such a bad updater! BAD MICKIS! *slaps her own hand*

There now we all can feel at ease right? hehe.
Well nothing much have happened, i have snapped a couple of times for several reasons i dont have to bring up here.
and I have watched diffrent things on tv. For all you Sweeds out there did you watch "Körslaget" the other day?
Well Amy Diamonds group were the best in my own opinion, but i think it sucks that they havent taped all of the "auditions" so you can watch them online. A person I know is on the show and i wanted to see his audition but no... I can only see ONE mans audition and that is a person i dont care about.
Sure he was hot and all.... Wait... I think I will go watch that clip now hehe.

*several minutes later*

He was CUTE!
Well anyways... TV4 lift your fucking asses and put in the auditions on the webpage for godness sake!!! It is not like you havent have time!!

Well all take care, that was my ranting for the day.

XOXO Mickis!


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