Well last night me and my two friends (one here from sweden and one from the US) had our game night.
It lasted until now and we started 00.30 AM XD Played 9,5 hours straight XD OMG im so tired!!
Well i guess that is not so hard to understand.

Well if you wonder what game it was the game is called "Megaten" and i put up some pictures here and then it is bye bye.

Press the images to get larger ones.
Plus you cant really get the awesomeness in this game until you actually play it, i usually dont play these type of games but this really got me and now im hooked hehe.
So far the only negative thing I can say is that it is not funt that you cant beat your monster alone, a idiot can come anytime and deliver the final blow and get the xp for it.

Well until next time!!

XOXO Mickis!


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