.Gemini lost.

Well today I finished another game.
It was really easy and can easly be finished in 1 day. But with that I got it realyl late and i had to go to bed made it that i finished it today.
The ggame is called Gemini lost and is a type of strategy game.
Cute grafics and such but it was a little simple and a little boring.
But i think some people would actually love these types of games where you just sit and wait for some points to build up so you can master some skills and such.

Postat av: Jennifer Makeup artist

Hej kontaktar dig ang. Hello kitty klockan. Ett bud ligger nu på 150:-, hör jag inte något ifrån dig när veckan är slut, så går den till tjejen som budat 150:-

2009-09-21 @ 23:40:03
URL: http://jennifermakeup.blogg.se/
Postat av: Jennifer Makeup artist


2009-09-21 @ 23:41:07
URL: http://jennifermakeup.blogg.se/

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