.Nails done.

Well step one have been done and i have decided to take pictures tonight soyou can see what a little pampering can do. And to those who dont have much money like myself.
Doenst care what brand you use as long as you check for why skintype and hairtype you choose, i have both tested some expensive ones and cheap ones and on several times the cheap are better as long you find the one that fits your type the best. All of us dont have much money in our bankaccounts to buy those special brand thats why sometimes it pisses me off that magasines and "celebreties" tell us to always buy the expensive ones becouse they say they are awesome! Why not make some pages about cheap brands that is good that everyone can buy?
If i had a little more money i would totally do that test for ya so you now what is the cheapest and how they work.

Well im off!


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