.Seen this one?.

I was just wondering if you guys have seen these anime´s. These are the my top 3 for this week =)

Princess Lover

Teppei Arima is a second-year high school student who lost both of his parents in a traffic accident on their way home from a family trip. His grandfather, Isshin Arima, happens to wield the puppet strings in Japan’s vast economy and demands that Teppei becomes his successor as the head of the Arima Group. To prepare for his debut into high society, Teppei enrolls in an elite academy for the scions of the rich and powerful.

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The story centers on Kana Nakamichi, a middle-school girl who had already lost her parents and just recently lost her only remaining relative, her grandmother. As a result, she ends up living and working at a newspaper delivery office. Everyone else living at the office are all charming, self-assertive bishôjo. The manga follows Kana’s daily life in the fast-paced yet joyous environment.

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Adaption of kakifly's seinen yonkoma manga series K-ON! (pronounced "kei on"). The story about four high school girls that try to sustain their school's popular music club despite being unable to read music or play instruments has been serialized in Manga Time Kirara magazine since 2007.

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