.the game i played until late.

Hello all i just wanted to recommend a good game and it is not for the weak ones!

This game:

Well for you who dont know the game it is about killing zombies and if you havent playded the game at all before i recommend you play the first game before you start the second one.
Talk about getting out all your frustrations!
I always use the machine gun becouse my aim isnt that good yet with my xbox 360 controller so i want a weapon that shoots fast.

But sometimes the games can get a little irritating like when you are going up the stairs and you have like 20 zombies behind u and i miss it with 1 millimeter and i end up next to the stairs and a freaking wall. Yeat it is SO fun trying to get them all killed when a lovingly boomer just comes up O_O

Well I recommend at least you try it and play it in a well lit room if you are easly frightned.
But it is more fun playing when it is dark hehe.


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