Im so freaking happy right now!
Some people came from the place i rent my aparpment from to check up on my ceiling.
Im not joking it is hanging itsy bitsy peices from it -_- or rather BIG peices.
It started with i called for a long time to the office and told them about it when it started to crack. First they said they were gonna contact me and then they said I WAS GONNA PAY FOR IT! Hell no.
So I asked my cutie pie to call and he got them to come this morning.

You guys should have seen their faces XD HAHA
Thanks to the idiots I get a complete renovation of my hallway so this monday im going up to choose some new wallpaper. I joked with cutie pie and said i was gonna choose hello kitty wall paper.
He said if i did he was never coming here again.
...Men.... They cant even take a little joke sometime haha. :P

(question is.. what to choose?)



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