.good evening!.

Hiya all my cutiepies!
What you up to? Right now im taking it easy becouse im planning to play some online gaming tonight HAHA.
Im a geek and im fucking proud of it!
This is the game im playing for the moment:
Well kinda hard perhaps to see what it is but it is called Aikia Online and if ya wanna try it here is a link:
Aika Online home page
Im playing a Cleric and it is adorable. But and still learning and hopefully it keep getting good and i wont get tired of it.
And as other info it is completely FREE! So no worries for you out there that think it costs a lot, becouse this doesnt cost to download or to play.
Hope ya like it!

Postat av: Ida

Jadå, sj? :D

2010-05-16 @ 19:59:08
URL: http://idasval.blogg.se/
Postat av: Gabbi

Tack själv :D Jag håller på att bli förkyld men äsch jag är glad ändå ;) Hur mår du?

2010-05-16 @ 20:07:16
URL: http://gubbsi.blogg.se/
Postat av: cecilia


Jo, det är bara bra :) själv?

Varför skriver du på engelska i din blogg?

2010-05-16 @ 21:54:47
URL: http://avlillien.blogg.se/

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