.not home for the moment.

right now im at R´s place and we are watching tv.
We discussed earlier how funny it is that as soon as something happens (like this volcano thing) they think that the world is coming to an end.
Dont you think you scare the people more than actually presenting good facts that the world IS coming to an end?
Give me a date and proper facts and I might listen to your jibberish.
How many times havent volcanos erupted before? Belive me we have had worse incidents than this.
Well did the world come to an end than too as you predicted?
No... So fuck you and stop scaring stupid people that actually take that to heart and starts to plan their family funural.


Postat av: Emelie <3

jätte fin blogg faktiskt (:

Kramis <3

2010-05-05 @ 16:51:35
URL: http://ammis.se
Postat av: malin

såg din kommentar på kissies om att sex med djur är olagligt .... det är det tyvärr inte.

2010-05-05 @ 22:43:02
URL: http://wakoo.blogg.se/
Postat av: Anonym

Det är visst lagligt med tidelag

2010-05-05 @ 23:59:05

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