.please stop.

Thanks for the e-mails but seriously...
Juste becouse it says version 1 on the anime list AND you cant read it properly i cant really say more than this.
But it doesnt mean they do it at the same time and that I have them..

2, Cant see the text on the piccu!
Well buhu... I cant do much about that can I? Sometimes the contents look worse
when you save it like that you just have to do like normal people and search.
Now when you know what version to look for why dont you GOOGLE IT?

3, Im not a fortune teller and I dont work for the company either.
if it doesnt say a date when it airs you just have to wait for the annoucements.
As I said before... like normal people or GOOGLE IT DARNIT!

Excuse me for the complete rudeness but please... Are you a geek or are you a little behind with the internet technology?

Postat av: Morthoseth

@ everyone: If there is an anime you're interested in and you're not sure about the air date here are a couple of things you can do:

1. Firstly, you don't have to worry about missing it because an anime season will run for about 3 months long. So even if you happen to miss it the first few weeks you can always find it online and catch up to the episodes you've missed.

2. Secondly, you can check your favorite anime streaming sites for new content and announcements or you can also Google the name of the anime with the keywords "release date" or "air date" to see what comes up. You can usually get very reliable information this way.

Hope this helps everyone.

2010-05-25 @ 22:58:15

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