Cutest thing i have ever seen!!!

I know that i am killing the english lang. but if you havent read the reason im typing in english then i guess you have to head back a couple posts.

Anyway.... I was talking to my brother on the phone earlier and we were talking about diffrent cats, and I mentioned
that i would really like to have a bobtail! They are the cutest thing i have ever seen! But they are banned to come
inside the country here. They think the cat is a bad breading... What? Just becouse they are born without a tail???
If they arent born with one how can they miss it? Seriusly... Plus in japan they consider this breed as a cat of
fortune. Here are 2 piccus of a american bobtail and a japanese bobtail.

This is a american bobtail. TOTALLY CUTE!!

And this is a japanese bobtail! So cute too! Looks like a chipmunktail!

No cat of this breed as i have seen is the same. They all look diffrent in many ways.. Some of the bobtails even have long tails! But If this breed was allowed here i would totally get one!!! So freaking CUTE!

XOXO Mickis!


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