Foki´s tävling

Well i entered a contest that another blogger has made :) Her name is Foki and the link to her blog you can get here:

The fun part of this contest is that you can won something from, and we got to choose anything we wanted :)
I choosed a computer with hello kitty on it becouse of my reason and those are:
1, It is hello kitty and love that trademark XD
2, If i win i can finally get a computer and stop using my friends computers all the time and use it for my schoolwork.
3, I have been wanting this one for ages it seem.

This is the one (and you have probably seen it in one of my post before but still:

Sure i guess other will choose the same or choose severalproducts, but i dont really care, i want the computer and can only hope to get chosen :). Sure i have never ever one once in my life but still miracels can happen i have heard XD, Still would really be nice to get something i really need! But i wish everyone the best of luck and may the person foki chooses be the person who earns it the most!

Well before i stop posting i say that if you want to have a check on japanese styles and kawaii stuff i think you can actually find it at foki´s site, i read her blog everyday and she posts pretty often during the day so she will keep you well posted about diffrent things.

Well everyone have fun and hope this rain will subside!

XOXO MIckis!


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