haha kinda funny actually.

Well today me and some friends were looking for a kitty (what we thought anywhays haha) so we searched everywhere,
so finally me and my other friend found it next to a building and we were ready to take it with us when suddenly a lady walk out on the balcony and said nicely "oh what might you be looking for then?" Adn we said we were looking for the cat we found becouse we thought it didnt have a home and such. Then she told us it was her cat HAHA. What are the odds :P.
She asked us what we were gonna do if she hadnt been there and we told her simply that if she hadnt been home we would have taken it to a cathome and then the cathome would just have contcted her that they have her cat and nothing more. PLUS the cat wasnt a kitten as it looked like. It was a bombay cat and was 5 years old XD. If you would have seen it you wouldnt belive it either XD. Well she was happy that there were girls like us that cared and that we were conserned,
and we told her to at least put a necklace on her cats becouse next time maby there would be someone who just would pick it up and bring it home. We went home and then there wasnt more with it XD.

Haha i found it pretty funny actually becouse this cat has been sitting next to a walking road and talked and really cuddle with the people so you never know :P. So next time if you have outdoorcats..Put at least a necklace on it or a marking that is visible. I know this new chipmarkings are good but they cant be seen XD.

XOXO Mickis!

Postat av: Cattis

well at least we had an adventure :D hahaha.. funny day ;D i will call you later, i know your sleeping, or should i call just for fun to wake you up??? hu hu hu... nooo, i´m gonna be nice today ^^ i will call you in a few hours.. ta ta!

2009-08-14 @ 07:39:02
URL: http://cathrinesliv.blogg.se/
Postat av: Mickis!

haha well im not suprised if you would call early (A)

2009-08-14 @ 16:10:07
URL: http://wewe.blogg.se/

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