Hello there!

I know it was a while since i blogged but i have been kinda busy.
Well perhaps not. And as you notice from now on there will only be typing in english becouse of i have friends living over seas as well as family. So i was thinking this would be easier than writing one part in swedish and then translate it to english XD .

Well as you also see i have changed my header as to a way i like it :D
Perhaps further down i will change it again but not for a while.

Hope you have a nice day!

XOXO Mickis!

Postat av: Symphy

Yay! English! Nice setup for a blog. ^^

2009-08-13 @ 00:44:00
Postat av: Cattis

Va bra det vart haggis ^^

Jag ringer dej lite senare sen så kommer jag och lånar sims3 ;D puss!

2009-08-13 @ 07:35:03
URL: http://cathrinesliv.blogg.se/
Postat av: Mickis!

Thankies you both! And sure hun! I will get that game ^^

2009-08-13 @ 11:21:07
URL: http://wewe.blogg.se/

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