*le sigh*

I hate sometimes like now when my friends is trying my sims 3 and they cant use the originalcode juste becouse i registered it on the mainsite to download free items. You cant unregisterit and i think that is bad. It is like. IF you got the game you can never give it away or use it at diffrent places. Geez... IM going to try to delete my account if that is possible so my friend can have the game if she wants it.. Becouse i dont.
BUUUU on you sims 3 website managers...

XOXO Mickis

Postat av: Cattis

It works now and i think it's fun :D wii haha you'll get your training divice (don't know how to spell it) any day :D we just have to figure out how to bring it home to you :P thanks for the game :D i havent got the chans to play so mutch yet but the little i've tried i liked :D pöss hagga!

2009-08-15 @ 08:24:25
URL: http://cathrinesliv.blogg.se/

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