Today me and my bff watched animal planet (we usually do when we hang out becouse it is intressting), but i cant really understand how people can mistreat their animals!! Like beat it with a baseballbat and move and leave it behind and ect. It really brings tears to my eyes.

Absolutely animal babies are cute as hell, but every baby have to grow up, that is nature.
So why do some people just buy them becouse they want the babies? When they start to grow they either throw them out on the street or neglect them at all.
Common! How would you feel if anyone did that to you? Omg you have started to grown now i am gonna throw you out on the street to starv and die. IF you cannot take care of your pet, dont get one or leave it at a animalshelter, dont get more of them! You wont get money for every pet you own! If you mistreat a animal you will end up in jail and paying a large sum of money becouse of what you do, so go to a shelter and sign in the pet for a new home instead and you dont have to take care of it anymore.

This kind of things pisses me off.


XOXO Mickis!

Postat av: vesna

ja verkligen, förstår inte heller de, usch..

allt bra?

2009-08-29 @ 23:10:36
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