Today i was at cattis place and we hang out a little ^^Her son is so cute! We were out walking and she showed me what she liked about the game and we talked a bit, lated her babe got home and we ate delich food! Thx hun for making such a good meal. we talked about old memories around the table and then we took it easy for a while.
Later on i had to go home so  her babe got the car and we placed the exercise bike in it ( thats the one i traded with her ^^ She got my game and i got the bike hehe) , she could follow becouse she had to tend to their little son^^.
Well he was so nice and carried it up for me ( i have many stairs in my building -_-) Thx to you also!
Well i later examined it and i FINALLY understood how it worked :D. Cattis i know why it beeps now :P And... I fixed it hehe.
Well i burned 300 calories during a 30 minutes working out session by myself and now im just sitting here.

Let´s see what tomorrow bring!

XOXO mickis!


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