Yep.. sitting here again and it is late.

Today i have so much pain in my freaking back that i have laid in my bed most of the time... I think o got up around six pm or something... Then i could move around like a person at least....
Well im sitting and watching anime called "Myself; Yourself" and it is really good... So far hehe. Im only at episode 4 so i cant really put up all what i think about it but more will come ^^

But i think i will go to bed a little later.. Not sure.. Plus today i have big issues with cattis sims 2 that i have borrowed XD. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt... So finally i downloaded a patch and it worked... FINALLY!! It was thx to my babe that i could fix it... He is so smart sometimes ^^ or perhaps it is just me that is stupid hehe. I guess it is just the wrong time or day XD, back pains + my time of the month + no smokes all day... Good mix? Or not haha.
But one of my friends bought some stuff for me (even if it took ages for her to come with it XD), plus she was a little nervous to come too becouse she noticed i was in a really foul mood, cant blame her actually.

Well im back to watch my show and you have a good night!!

XOXO Mickis!!


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