.Couldnt sleep so I shop to have fun.

First of all so people dont get me wrong here.
This blog ISNT about fashion. never was and never will be.
But sometimes i can show you what i have bought and what i wear.
By putting up what i wear i show you how I as a fellow gamer/anime/manga girl look like. Well that is how i see it.
But here is the stuff i just bought:

A cute bracelet!!
I think it is really charming!

A hoodie! All the ones i own now are to small for me. (havent own a good one for years.)

Jeans!! Well becouse my weight is like a jojo i have to buy new jeans. The old ones broke. XD THE ZIPPER!

And slippers!! I dont fucking care what you people think but i cant wait until i get my slippers. They will arrive next month. I took the devil kitty, im not such a angel kitty.


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