Sorry for all you people who get offended out there but i really dont give a rats ass either if you do.

The biggest discussion right now is about the enviroment.
Instead of having stupid meetings where you cant even agree on what to do, do something on your own!
I know you big shots dont wanna waste peoples money and especally not YOUR money!
OMG what would happen if you used your millions ?
I bet you wouldnt be able to live with yourself then, how the hell can you live without all the fancy spancy things you have bought but dont really use?
But of course... You go to the homeless shelter once or twice a year to show your support to the people that you guys care. Naaaw... Arent you just special?
No but seriously... How do you guys expect that the biggest leading countrys should spend a lot of money on this when they can spend it on their tecnology and wars?
Plus havent you ever thought about that it is the earths "rebooting" that is starting?
I think that the planet have been around QUITE some time now and wouldnt just go away in like 50 years that you people think. But you arent helping!
How many animals havent you extict? Or was that the global warming too?
And the idiots that goes up to the polar bears to film them, you see they are starving so how about giving them a hand? If i could i would throw you idiots in there and let them eat you. YOU ARE KILLING THEM! *points around*

Well I try o change my life style little by little. I have switched to light bulbs that dont use to much electricity and can glow up to 7-11 years. I wash my clothes in 40 degrees celsius and ect.. Stuff i can do on my own that doesn cost much money and everyone can do it.

I bet lots of you guys do the same but do you think everyone does it?


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