.Here is the food i made and ate today.

Well I was thinking for a change im gonna post one of the easiest recepies i know.
(And i know alot of them)
As a manga reader, anime watcher and game player and want my food to be quickly made so I can go back to what I was doing.

So Part 1 then:

you need -

sugarsnaps (sockerärtor) you use as much as you want really.
Fresh mushrooms, about 4-5 big ones (i love muchrooms)
and butter.

You heat a pan up and put in lots of butter (about 1 cm) and dont worry, the mushrooms and sugersnaps will suck up all the butter to become delish.

Then you let that become liquid in the pan. Meanwhile you slice the sygarsnaps into little squares (just slice them how ever you want im just saying how i do it) and then put them in the pan directly. Then move on the the mushrooms and slice them then cut the slicec in half and put it in the pan.

Then you let it all become warm and delisch. It takes about 5-10 minutes depending how hot your pan is.

when thats done it should look like this:

After this you take 5 minutes pasta and let it boil and then you put it makrill with tomato sauce and mix.
Make sure the fish is completely spread.

then you mix the pasta with the "salad" you did and it will look like this:

And then you are done.

ENJOY fast food that you can eat while watching anime or playing or reading ^^



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