Here I am again sitting up late at night.
But can you see why? ;)
Yes you are right I have fixed up my blog =D
Well I got tired of the old look so I changed it to something more...me?

And to another topic... (I just as can take it now when i have the baby safe and sound quiet in the bed sleeping), babies are so cute when they sleep =). Soon im gonna join the little jewel to a trip to goodnight land XD.

Well my question is, what is fall for you?
Some people say, "ooh it is so nice when the leaves change colors!" But what do you say?

But yeah sure... The leaves are beutiful... But the cold making you freeze to hell isnt that nice. But I shouldnt complain really about this cold... Becouse when the winter come that weather will bite me in the ass fo saying that the fall weather was cold.

Well Im heading for bed!

Postat av: Alexandra

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2009-10-24 @ 20:04:05
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