Today it´s friday and im just gonna sit at home and relax.
Watch the latest episode of naruto and perhaps re-watch lucky star.
Feels nice ^^
Right now im listening to my latest music favorites.
I put a video of the artist here below but i can say what songs im listening to:

BoA - I did it for love
BoA - Eat you up      
BoA - Energetic        

Absoluetly a awesome artist! You should really listen to these songs!
It is absolutely party songs ^^

Here are some headphones I want!

Cute eh?

These are cool!

And just becouse I love hello kitty hehe.

Hope you have an awesome evening!

Postat av: NOESCAPE

sv: I see,, :)

åååh, thank you! :)

2009-10-23 @ 22:43:54
URL: http://noescape.blogg.se/

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