Love it!

Dont know how many of you who even watch the show but frankly I dont care haha.
I LOVE Greys Anathomy!!!!
The only thing i hate that in sweden where i live we are behind in certain episodes.
Thats why i rather watch them online.
No I dont download, why should I when people put them up where I can watch for free?
But still... It is like that with many shows.

plus there I can watch without those fucking commercials!!
Im so sick and tired of that even if people are in a conversation or whatever they suddenly switch to commercials and sometimes dont even pick up where they ended. WHY? Cant you wait two freaking minutes?
Oh im sorry I just wanted to hear the whole conversation between them but I guess that was to much to ask.
Oh sure I might miss out on something important but it is not like i follow the show no... I just watch in in the middle and pretend i know what the fuck it is about!
Is this where our money go?
If it is, i wanna stop giving you moeny. No wait! GIVE BACK MY MONEY! I pay a great deal of money to watch tv and then I dont expect crap on it, plus can I get it cheaper if I take away 90 % of the channels?
But no, im supposed to pay for crap that I dont watch in the days and for them to put decent films and shows in the middle of the night.
Thank you for flushing my money down the toilet, that is what i wanted.
Plus I think many people feel the same way, how about let the people decide what they wanna watch? Not what you think will work! And then if people do like it you take the show off the air, awesome..

Well thank god for the internet!

Ranting for the day is done :P

If you feel the same way or wanna rant about something leave a message.
Good night all readers!

XOXO Mickis!


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