Some people just doesnt get it -_-

Hello people!
Well this may sound harsh and all but i mean it in a good way, my way that is.
When i strictly say DO NOT PROMOTE your blog here i really mean it. Even if people just say hello and such i still check out my posters pages.
And if you think that you wont be found by putting yourself as "secret" i can still block that ip adress of yours.
So this is the final warning!
If you promote it you will get banned.
I will not visit those pages at all so dont waste my time.
But for you others thank you for your cute posts and I hope you had an awesome day!
I will post some later.
Now it is tv time!

Postat av: Leia ♥ - det lilla extra

Hej! Hur är det? :D

2009-10-19 @ 12:05:09

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