.Another day and another boredom.

Well hello again,
im trying to make my place spotless today! But it will take time and energy.
Not in the mood but what can you do?
I will take some time for myself right now before my friend come over and we will have a "play night".
We are going to carry her computer over here and then play all night :D Hope she calls in time so she can but candy and stuff, cant have a play night without some goodies :D.
Well perhaps i will post later or i wont, it depends for how long i will sit up and play and if im not to tired.

Postat av: Emma says style, love & rock and roll.

sv; Tack Mickis vad snäll du är!

2009-09-13 @ 05:17:45
URL: http://emmasays.blogg.se/

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