.Late night.

Well as you can see the videos i put up about kanye west little "im so awesome so i can decide whats good and whats not" attitude is not allowed on youtube so every video they find they will take off, so no matter if i try to put it up here they will take it off.
Dont know why though, why shouldt people be allowed to see his idiotic act?
Millions of people have already seen it so?
Well anyways,
I was heading for bed but i wanted to check around the internet first. I have a early day tomorrow at school.
Haha well sometimes I do. But i have just been so tired lately. But i guess that is becouse of the change into the fall weater. Well I hope all of you have a good night sleep becouse i hope I will.

Postat av: Mimmi

I totally missed this little speech of his and now it's all people talk about.. I really wanted to see it, being a wannabe fan and all. Was he really that stuck up? Or what he just being plain rude? Maybe both?

2009-09-16 @ 15:23:27
URL: http://kiminostyle.blogg.se/

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