.Mail answered.

Today when i checked my blog mail I got a question.
Maby from someone that read smy blog or just someone who randomly checked it but i shall answerer it.
"Hello wewe or Miss wewe, im asking you becouse im not really sure or you might already have answered it but where do you come from and what is your favorite game or anime?
Regards C"

Thank you C for your letter and yes I have aswered the first question before but I can answer it again. I live in sweden in stockholm (not really in stockholm but in that area code at least haha), and for my favorite game and anime I must say that the TOP anime for me is Chobits, really well made and funny and also dramatic. And for my favorite game... well right now and has been for quite a while is Left 4 dead 1+2, like those games becouse it is a awesome way to blow off some steam you might have gotten during the days or whatever haha.

I hope that answered your question and if someone else have one dont be afraid to ask!
Plus as I have said before, a person that sends in a anime/game/manga with a good review on it will get a link.



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