.here they are.

I promised I would show the clothing I want to show you guys and here it is (including a bag).
A cozy sweater! Also can be used as a jacket. WANT IT! ;)
A sweater, cute and stylish! And of course when I want it they dont have it.. *sob*
And here is the bag... I WANT IT! Isnt it cute? =D
All of these can be looked up and bought at novaqueen.se

Postat av: josefine

sv: tack :D

2010-08-11 @ 23:29:17
URL: http://technicolor.blogg.se/
Postat av: Emmie

sv: tack :) jodå, bara fint här med :) hittar du på idag då? :)

2010-08-12 @ 11:01:53
URL: http://emmiev.blogg.se/

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