.A new day and i want pain killers.

Hello all!
How are you guys?
Im kinda tired myself of all the gaming last night -_- me and 4 friends played left for dead 2 and the game Lips (a singing game).

Belive it or not but we were three girls and one dude =D
Yeah we girls can enjoy killig games too, we just have to find the right one, or rather one that suits our temper haha.
My best friend R, she called me today and told me that she bought these games:

(Resident evil has always been one of those games that almost made you piss yourself out of fright but... well sadly resident evil has become more and more of an action game. It isnt even scary anymore.. If i wanted to make it scary... wait... If i wanted to be scared of resident evil I play the first game of the series!)

And this game:

(Well my bff isnt that used to this series and she decided to try out the latest... This game is sickenly scary! She wont last even 5 seconds without making her boyfriend play rest of it haha! "sorry hun but i would totally do the same", but these are one of those games you should buy if you want to get scared out of your mind. It is on the other hand psycological so NOT EVERYONE should play it! Remember that... some games can actually make people weird but it is up to those who buy it that cant understand what they really shouldnt play.)

Well maby I post some later =)



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