.Good ones and the bad ones.

Well i was looking around for hair styles this morning, and yes i mainly look at the japanese fashion just becouse they dare to do more than we here in europe can mostly.
OMG if we even dared to look a little diffrent... That is why I mostly like their culture, thay dare too look a little more diffrent than us and actually dare to show what their ideal look is like.
even how weird it does look!
here is one hair fashion i thought looked aweseome!!!
The red is very well made and the haircut is styled good!
High points for this look!
Here is another look. Not something i would actually do but i give it high points for daring to show an artistic look of it. Could any one of you actually hold this look up and make it look good?
I know I couldnt!
Well im off to watch some ghost whisperer.
I´ll post later!!

Postat av: Z A N D R A :)

sv: gött :D

jo, det är fint :)

göru då?

2010-01-26 @ 15:45:30
URL: http://decevven.blogg.se/

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