Answer a question from a reader.

When i read my mail for my blog I got a question from a reader.
The question was:
Hello Miss wewe I have a question for you!
I see you write much about anime and so on so I wonder what kind of blogs you read
and have you gotten inspiration from someone that made you start your blog?

Regards "Anonym"

Thanks for your question!
I usually dont get many but when I do I more than happily answer them.
So this is my answer:
Well the blogs I read is Gaybloggen, Kissie, I read the firt blog mainly becouse i think it is a intressting blog, the other blog I mainly read to get a laugh... Not to be mean but that blog is a good read to share up myself and to know I have it better. I feel sorry for that girl becouse she just rant about really idiotic things that makes you wonder wtf happend.
Then i read some random blogs from time to time.
But mainly I read my infromation from some random forums and mainly from the forum where I am a member where I get the best information from people with the same interessts.
Forum im member in ---> AMBB
Well A long time ago I had a blog where I only wrote about what i did and didnt use it much, so I decided to start a blog to share my own interessts and becouse I havent actually found a blog that is about this sort of things so I hope that people find their way here to share themselves.
I dont care about a famous blog I started it to hope to bring people with the same interessts.
I hope this answered your questions =)
If someone have questions dont be afraid to ask them! Just send me an e-mail and I answer it.
HUGS to all my chibi cuties out there ^^


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