Sorry havent really been postinf for a few days but i have been quite bizzy =)
I have been bizzy hanging out with my best friend and cleaning the whole plave here at home and playing the new game we got LEFT 4 DEAD 2!!
I tell you this... It is AWESOME! We love it!
HAHA so funny when we went to the store, we were the only two girls there except for the cashier then, we searched for the game everywhere but couldnt find it then I said "- I cant find the freaking left 4 dead 2 anywhere!", then suddenly a random guy in the store overheard (or listened im not sure) just shined up and helped us search hehe (and that was really nice), and the cashier even helped out and told us where it was! I bet they thought we were in there buying "piggy goes to school" or some lame game like that and ignored us at first haha XD, yes dudes and dudettes, girls CAN LOVE zombie killing games as well. Plus we do really rock that game, played it for solid 2 days now.
im gonna take some new piccus tomorrow, got 2 new clothes i have to show :D
YES! Im gonna act like im something and show off haha XD (not really anything to show off but lets pretend for the fun of it!).
So sleep well my cute chibis!

Postat av: Cajsa

hehe, varför skulle jag tröttna!? ^^

vissligen så har jag inte haft så mycket tid att komma in och kolla, kanske därför då? XD

det funkar. nyvaken nu så jag har väl inte riktigt känt efter dagens humör än.. :P

2010-03-13 @ 10:35:37
URL: http://cajsa1.webblogg.se/
Postat av: Björck

Left 4 dead 2 är awesome!

2010-03-13 @ 21:56:33
URL: http://bjorckarn.blogg.se/
Postat av: Björck

Är det xbox du lirar detpå eller? ;P

2010-03-14 @ 05:43:42
URL: http://bjorckarn.blogg.se/

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