. for the summer .

This is the bikini I have been thinking of getting but then i have to get rid of the little tummy i have! XD
What do you think? hot or not?
One of my friends think i should get this one:
So who do you choose as the most good looking one?

Postat av: M.Christian

I think your friend has good taste. I would vote for the 2nd one because it looks more stylish and sexy but the rings look like an impractical design and if you don't put on sun screen properly, you're going to have two weird circular tan lines on your upper left breast and right thigh. lol

ps. When I saw the first picture, I thought it was underwear. Huh, so it's really a bikini...

2010-03-25 @ 20:25:18
Postat av: En Romantisk Saga

gillar den längst ner :)

2010-04-17 @ 15:11:20
URL: http://enromantisksaga.blogg.se/

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