Just looked around the net for random blogs and.... seriously?
Is there a new fashion with the little brat kids to say "hello bitches/hoes" or whatever they call their readers...
AND, wtf is "this is so (put in name here) style", what? So the designer TOTALLY made that suff for you? Please i bet some of your readers had that "image" even before they read yours and please you dont even have a certain style, one day you guys are blonde the other day you are brunette, one day you wear fully clothing the other day yuo have an outfit that covers barely anything...
AND the funny thing is... You guys think you are the coolest thing walking this planet...
Got some news for you.. When you GROW UP, all the name calling you have done and all the trashtalking and lying, AND all the drinking.... Will NOT give you a job when you not earning any money on your blog becouse people find you dull and blog writers are out of fashion...
Omg... Cant wait for that day =3 WILL BE SO FUN!

Postat av: Cajsa

hejsan sötaste! Det var inte igår! Har inte hunnit tagit mig tiden till bloglovin och kolla in bloggar som jag bevakar. saknar verkligen att ha all tid till min och andras bloggar men tyvärr finns inte den. :( Hoppas du inte tar illa vid att jag fortfarande bevakar men kollar in sellan? (A) allt bra annars?

xx Cajsa

2010-03-12 @ 19:45:53
URL: http://cajsa1.webblogg.se/

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