Went to the dentist today and pulled out one of my teeth.

It is not a nice feeling but it had to be done... My biggest fair at the dentist is the needle, not to get the drug itself just the look of it coming straight to your face, I almost cried a little and my heart clapped like crazy, i thought it was gonna jump out and leave me for a minute there.

But everything went fine and now for the first tome of the day im gonna try to get something to eat...

Im cooking noodles becouse it is easy to swallow. And im drinking soda from a straw... I feel kinda silly haha.

Well Maby i post later if my painkillers hasent set in and made me sleepy by that time so dont expect to much!


(Me a couple days ago with NO pain and fuctional teeth... You happy son of a bi**h, just wanna smack myself there right now hahaha.)


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