Well I´m sitting here doing NOTHING....
And that creeps me out.. I dont wanna play games i dont wanna watch anything and i dont wanna really talk either...
I must be sick...
XD Well im gonna put on some songs on my PSP it is better than doing NOTHING.
HUGS to all you cutie chibis out there

Postat av: M.Christian

yeah, I've felt that way before and it was somewhat frustrating because I wanted to do something and yet I couldn't figure out what my mind/body wanted to do because I didn't want to do the usual things--which was strange in itself o_O

I usually found myself going out for a while or listening to music like what you did or trying to think about what I haven't done in a while. Sometimes, we do the usual stuff so much that we get naturally bored or tired of it and doing something else for a while, something new, usually helps. Well, at least that works for me, I'm still trying to figure out this feeling because I've experience it more than once.

2010-03-05 @ 01:00:13

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