.Tired and a little slow!.

Well im still working, and there is some free time so I thought I would update a little.

Cold isnt it????
Im freezing my butt off!
Plus it didnt help thay when I went out smoking I sat myself in a water puddle. >.<

FAIL! haha.

I thought it was funny after but not when it happend.

(Old picture but my hair looked great didnt it? Plus you can see that my hair is slowly turning blond.. darnit no color last long in my hair!)

Postat av: MYMiC

Hahaha aw, stackaren med vattenpölen :(

Jamen visst (A)

KUNG!! :D jag med! :D

2010-09-19 @ 15:34:29
URL: http://mymic.blogg.se/

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