.Long time no see?.

Today I realized...
I have been off to long from the bloggin world HAHA! ;D
But I wish you all a Happy new years anyways =)
I have been doin laundry all day and playing CSI on the computer haha.
Bad thing is im not that tired so im problably going to stay up late and what the heck... then I can post like never before LOL!
but before I say goodbye for the moment:
"Hello im just wondering why you read manga? To me I find it to be for only little kids am I wrong?"
Well SHOCK! This is the first time I have gotten this?? =O
No but seriously, Yeah it´s true there is manga for smaller kids out there so on that part you are not wrong, but there is also manga for diffrent ages and diffrent tastes, belive me if you searche in a good genre that you like there I bet you will find something to your taste and if not... Well BUHU!


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