Im tired as hell today!!
I helped my brother and his gf move to a new aparment, i didnt belive I could carry that stuff that I did but woho!
I was a bit stronger after all!
(and belive me im as weak as I can be hehe, who needs streangth to flash with when you can show off your stats on xbox live =D )
Well that took about 6 hours, but they had already been moving since 4 hours before that!
ah well, I got home, started cooking my food, jumped in a shower til it was done and than I ate watching some anime. Or should I say re-watched.... Cant find anything I havent seen... -_-
Ah well Im going to fix some laundry (as tired as I am I will just probably move em to the couch until tomorrow XD)
Well after that going to bed.

.Long time no see?.

Today I realized...
I have been off to long from the bloggin world HAHA! ;D
But I wish you all a Happy new years anyways =)
I have been doin laundry all day and playing CSI on the computer haha.
Bad thing is im not that tired so im problably going to stay up late and what the heck... then I can post like never before LOL!
but before I say goodbye for the moment:
"Hello im just wondering why you read manga? To me I find it to be for only little kids am I wrong?"
Well SHOCK! This is the first time I have gotten this?? =O
No but seriously, Yeah it´s true there is manga for smaller kids out there so on that part you are not wrong, but there is also manga for diffrent ages and diffrent tastes, belive me if you searche in a good genre that you like there I bet you will find something to your taste and if not... Well BUHU!

.Styling my cellphone.

(Not my cellphone but a picture from google.)
Kinda this is what im doing but no hearts haha. Plus im just doing it becouse im bored and this is a old cellphone im using now when my regular cellphone kinda... well got fucked up so im leaving it alone for a bit.


Im wondering what to get for christmas for everyone.
Have you already bought them or are you like me and get it in the last minute?
Question is:

.Im back!.

Sorry for the BAD update.
Well I had to get a break from everything.
  • My grandma got a severe heartattack (Do I need to say more?)
  • Work (Need money to survive)
  • I was tired (Need energy to put on everything else)
But now im back so dont worry. Tonight im already working on a top five review anime list =)
Did you guys miss me? =3

.for some reason.

Well I noticed people cant get into my blog.
(how unusual)
Hopefully it will be ficed and you see this post. Becouse then it is working properly.

. diffrent thoughts.

Today im thinking about a lot of stuff...
You know, we all have those days when our minds are somewhere else...
Ah well. Cleaning my aparment and I have eaten some quality sushi.
Didnt have the time to take a piccu of it becouse it went into my mouth and tummy too fast haha.
Dont you also sometimes have stuff you think about but they make no sense?

.How I do my make-up.

1,First take something to take away all hair from your face.
(I always use a cap becouse well.. It is easier for me)
2,Then use a cover to cover all you blemishes and then put on your foundation.
3,Now put on some rouge on your cheeks and a little on your nose and add some lipgloss.
4, And then finally, put on some eyeliner (u only put on a thin one becouse I have pretty "long" eyes, so if I put on a thick line the eyes will apear smaller than they are and we dont want that! Then add some mascara and done. Thats how I do it. Takes about like 5 minutes.

.le tired.

Well I have slept ALL DAY!
Bad me!
Well I got a goot text message saying my clothes has arrived! YAAY!
So im gonna pick em up tomorrow.
After that I guess I can take a piccu and show ya guys.
Well and my little Kitty Måns is having a sleepover at my brothers place from thursday - sunday.
Hopefully he will behave. Hopefully. =3
Well im gonna go eat something right now and later im gonna check up some manga to write about.

.Tired and a little slow!.

Well im still working, and there is some free time so I thought I would update a little.

Cold isnt it????
Im freezing my butt off!
Plus it didnt help thay when I went out smoking I sat myself in a water puddle. >.<

FAIL! haha.

I thought it was funny after but not when it happend.

(Old picture but my hair looked great didnt it? Plus you can see that my hair is slowly turning blond.. darnit no color last long in my hair!)

.good morning and good night.

Well this entire weekend im working nights also called the "grave shift".
But I Have some posts that im putting up in the beginning of next week and if I have the time I will post anyways =)

.bad hairday.

What can I say it didt end up as I wanted but what the hell.
Here is two piccus.


It became late yesterday, met up with my brother at like 4 am? or was it 5?
We hunted a wasp in here that got in and then we went out for him to take photos.
So this morning it didnt wake up by anything.
So i missed a job oppertunity XD
My bad and my messup XD
But today im gonna focus at cleaning up some here at home.
Post later. HUGS!


To be honest I am TERRIBLE at redoing color on hair. ABsolutely terrible thats why I have to train from time to time.
Im much better at doing the eyes. As you can see hehe.
I dont know why but I like the mysterious eyes. More depth in them.
Well here you go.
This is how it went.


How I look before I start to have some fun with my photoshop program =)
Not hard to do the photoshopping I will do but it takes a little time though.
This is what I do when I wanna pass the time when I do the laundry haha.

.HAHA funny.

That game frontierville on facebook... I wonder if they really checks their piccus.
Is it only me who thinks this looks like the sheep is getting fucked by that person behind it and being shocked?
Just asking XD

.The piccu says what I mean.

. The piccu says it all .

. the time? .

so im thinking about going to bed soon or sitting up a while.
I bet some of you are out to:
but im taking it easy!
IN FACT! Im going over to mah grandmas place to eat some sandwithces!
We´ll see if I go to bed becouse I really do have a hard time sleeping at nights so.
Ah well :P

.Favorite snacks!.

Everyone has their favorite and this is mine! (Yes and do notice it says big pack on the Polly ones)
The bacon chips for the salty bacon flavor and polly for the sweetness that comes from chocolate, Im nor really that much for sweets but this evens it out! Becouse usually when I buy only one of these I want the other one :P.
What is your favorite?

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