Hilarious! And so true!


This song im gonna listen to lots today!


I wanted to tell you guys that im going away for new years and I dont know how much i will post.

But when im back i will post as usual.

So just in case Happy new years to all of u!

.Hello everyone!.

Sorry i didint take a piccu yesterday but i had to go and becouse my hair is a ********* my curls went away when i left home and got out in the cold... Yeah that was 2 hours well spent.

Anyways, how was your christmas?

And to you else who celebrate christmas on the 25:th


.Merry christmas!.

Hello everyone merry christmas to you all!

Right now im curling my hair as seen below:

If i have the time i will take a piccu of the final result.
But those to curls have taken 20 minutes so dont get your hopes up.


.the day before christmas.

Gaah i have to do the last cleaning and wrap presents!!!!

Have you guys done the things you were gonna do?

LOVE my slippers =3

.Favorite song right now!.


I finally got them today!!!

I posted before that I had ordered hello kitty slippers and i posted the piccu of them.
And i am wearing them now and i absolutely LOVE them!!!!!!

Well i post a piccu later!


.The snow is everywhere!.

Hello all!
I took some piccus a couple hours ago of how it looks now.

I have one piccu from last week and one from this morning.

So feel free to compare!

Last week. Not too much snow it was cozy.

This is how it looks outside my window.... even my balcony is full with snow!!

And my kitty was up early (as me) to look. But he seem to find it facinating that I am taking piccus of the snow.


goodmornin all!

I just wanted to greet you before im gonna do my homework and then clean some.

Who knows perhaps i post inbetween? ;)


Just found out that pedofiles has a group on facebook.

What amazes me is that facebook seems to allow it!


They actually think it is their right to have sex with minors!
They also think that these little kids KNOW what sex is about and know what they are agreeing to.



well, now im gonna take a bath then im gonna make some food.
Later after that im gonna do some last homework and then probably go to bed.

Im so freaking tired!

Lately i have been tired around 18.00 PM and gone to bed at 21.00 PM.
then i sleep until 6 am and go up and watch some tv until i know my friends are up haha.
Well.. now some of them have went off to celebrate christmas at their folks place,
so im left in this boring town XD


Well i post later if I havent fallen alseep yet.

HUGS to you all!!!


haha I love the hello kitty stuff i do...
be seriously...

Would anyone wear this at their wedding as their wedding gown?
I wouldnt!

I think they have milked the hello kitty logo a BIT much now XD

.Hello everyone!.

Just got home!
P-E-U-H! The snow is killing me! Well not really but it is really making it hard for me to walk around.
Well me and my grandma went down around eleven and then it was fine.
We visited some shops and then we went for coffee... When we got out freaking snowstorm had started.
We bought some groceries and went like two cavemen home. -_-

Well soon im gonna clean he place and put up the christmas lightning...
But i wonder where the hell my christmas decoration has gone?
I have freaking looked everywhere!

Ah well.. I find it sooner or later... When i move and have to clean the place haha.
"aaaah thats where it went"

(No im not moving it wa a joke for those who didnt get it, there is always at least one that dont get it...)

HUGS to all you cuties out there!!!

Im considering getting this for my cat! I know he is a dude but... It will look cute!!!


It is perfect!

.getting ready.

Right now im preparing to go out with my grandma.
We are going to buy some stuff =3

Im gonna try to use my puppy eyes so we can have some breakfast at the diner down there hehe.


.love this comic!.



Sorry for all you people who get offended out there but i really dont give a rats ass either if you do.

The biggest discussion right now is about the enviroment.
Instead of having stupid meetings where you cant even agree on what to do, do something on your own!
I know you big shots dont wanna waste peoples money and especally not YOUR money!
OMG what would happen if you used your millions ?
I bet you wouldnt be able to live with yourself then, how the hell can you live without all the fancy spancy things you have bought but dont really use?
But of course... You go to the homeless shelter once or twice a year to show your support to the people that you guys care. Naaaw... Arent you just special?
No but seriously... How do you guys expect that the biggest leading countrys should spend a lot of money on this when they can spend it on their tecnology and wars?
Plus havent you ever thought about that it is the earths "rebooting" that is starting?
I think that the planet have been around QUITE some time now and wouldnt just go away in like 50 years that you people think. But you arent helping!
How many animals havent you extict? Or was that the global warming too?
And the idiots that goes up to the polar bears to film them, you see they are starving so how about giving them a hand? If i could i would throw you idiots in there and let them eat you. YOU ARE KILLING THEM! *points around*

Well I try o change my life style little by little. I have switched to light bulbs that dont use to much electricity and can glow up to 7-11 years. I wash my clothes in 40 degrees celsius and ect.. Stuff i can do on my own that doesn cost much money and everyone can do it.

I bet lots of you guys do the same but do you think everyone does it?

.Merry x-mas.

Well i will be saying this now becouse just in case i will forget on the day.

So Merry christmas to you all!!!


I heard the lamest joke today that it was almost good.
here it is XD

"So, this pirate walks into a bar with a captain's wheel crammed down the front of his pants and the bartender says, 'why have you got a captain's wheel crammed down the front of your pants?' and the pirate says, 'arrgh! It's driving me nuts!'"

HAHA made me laugh anyways :P


Have you been sleeping well?
I know i have ^^
I woke up a little bit after 6 and since then i have been up.
I took some piccus yesterday im gonna post here take a look =)

Isnt this the cutest you have ever seen? She fell asleep on the spot ^^

Snow storm. Took it with my mobile so the resolution isnt good at all.

How is your weather? =)


Right now me and my friend E is playing dancing stage!
It is her first time so right now she is practising.

She is such a sport :D Im proud!

This is the game!

This is the mat you dance on.

this is how it looks like:


apperantly there have been some problems to be able to read my blog.
Hopefully that problem is fixed now ;)


Well before my program is done im gonna take a shower and
do some stuff.

After that it is math but i really dont know if i wanna go... But i have to. DONT WANNA!!!


Ah well... Gonna take home the package i ordered later.
Plus i got my cute slippers early! :D

*happy for that*

Well i´ll post later!

.old photos.

Well i computer is working again so when i checked up on it (I decided to delete some stuff i didnt need), i found old
piccus XD.
SO I decided to post them here for your amusement.

I had shorter hair here and i think my friend cattis recently moved in.

I think it was just really late... And i was bored.

Me with a wig XD We hade a party at home.


.Bad week.

Sometimes I just feel like i wanna scream until my lungs burst!!
Have you ever had that feeling? I bet you have.

First of all im sick of tired of all fake gossip talk and trashtalk around me....
IF I wanna know the TRUTH I ask the person directly, and leave my freaking relationship alone.
Tired of everything I do at school is never enough. Everyone elses job is fine but mine isnt and no one knows why.
Plus why is people trying to be nice and cheerful one day and the next day they care as much as nothing.
Common... If you dont want to then DONT, i dont need it anyways.

Well the only things that are positive is that it is snowing outside.
I have a absolutely wonderful friend that i know will help me with anything even when i dont want to hehe.


. building gingerbread house .

Today me and one of my best friends build a gingerbread house with her son.
It was fun ^^

I dont have a piccu but i post a piccu of one.
And tomorrow im gonna make a design of the gingerbread car im gonna make.
I found a cute piccu. here they are:

To day once again: I did not make these on the piccus!
I took the piccus from google.
Got it?

. *waves* .

Well im off to my friends place now to say hello and to have a little chat.
I hope all of you had a nice morning?
I know I had :D
I got to eat delish breakfast at my grandmas place ^^
yum yum.

Take care!

. nice shower that was .

Ahhh.... showering felt awesome!
Im gonna fix myself up then im going to go to my grandma and eat breakfast!

I havent seen her for awhile just becouse of my studies and my travels to a certain someone.

But now I can :D

I´ll post later!!

I missed you grandma!

.Well then i guess it is time to say godmornin right?.


Im gonna jump in a quick shower =)
Then im gonna take a scone and drink some tea (i will probably drink water i hate tea)

Im gonna make a schedual of stuff im gonna do next week.

Posting soon! =)

.Couldnt sleep so I shop to have fun.

First of all so people dont get me wrong here.
This blog ISNT about fashion. never was and never will be.
But sometimes i can show you what i have bought and what i wear.
By putting up what i wear i show you how I as a fellow gamer/anime/manga girl look like. Well that is how i see it.
But here is the stuff i just bought:

A cute bracelet!!
I think it is really charming!

A hoodie! All the ones i own now are to small for me. (havent own a good one for years.)

Jeans!! Well becouse my weight is like a jojo i have to buy new jeans. The old ones broke. XD THE ZIPPER!

And slippers!! I dont fucking care what you people think but i cant wait until i get my slippers. They will arrive next month. I took the devil kitty, im not such a angel kitty.

.Late night thoughts.

This is the question:

IF it was really late and you were bored what would you do?

Well me?

Im gonna to some pedicure and manicure and later "when the time is right" take a bath och shower.
Tomorrow im gonna go over to my friends place ^^.


Hello all!
Im so freaking tired! I have a sore body and... well nothing much.
I were with two of my friends last night and we had a blast.
But i gor home pretty late like almost 5 AM in the morning and couldnt sleep.
I think i fell asleep an like 11 am or something O_O

Well im gonna watch some episodes i have missed thru these couple weeks and so on.

Have a nice night!


Im so tired. im sitting here and studying math and other stuff.
What are you guys doing this late?


.Hello ya´ll.

Oh the time!

I havent blogged for days :O

Well belive it or not but i have a life of my own that doesnt resolve all around it hehe.
Well i have been testing some games and watched some new anime and read some new mangas.
Im gonna choose some of them and tell you about it when i do have the time.

Hope you have had a wonderful couple of days!!



Goodmornin all!
I have been sittin up late again *i know dont whine now*
But soon im gonna start some cleaning and then head down to the town centre and to some shopping.

Post later!


.New design for the blog!.

I told you before and here it is!

The header is absolutely beutiful!!!
Thank you Matthew for making it for me!
The header absolutely macthes me and i will probably keep it for ages!

Yes everyone.. that is how much I love it!


.Christmas list.

.Listening to music.

Hello all!

Right now im listening to an awesome song!

here is the video!

.tv watching.

Hello all!
My math test went terrible wrong!!!

(horror music)

All that i studied this mrning just went away in a flash as soon as I saw the test paper XD

So right now im watching some simpsons on tv =)

What are you doin?

.posting my opinion of a crappy game.

I tried it ans i will NEVER EVER like it... NEVER!


Hello everyone out there!
IM just in quick to say goodmorning and post dumbass piccus of myself!

I post later perhaps! Im off to a math test now! Wish me luck!


(im not a very normal person i know XD)

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