.off to fix my hair.

Yeah im off to fix this so called mess on my head!!
See ya laters!

.wanna go green?.

Wanna go green with me? =D
No im just kiddin!
Most of you regular readers know that this is a old picture that i just made some sucky changes to in photoshop.
But it makes you think... Wonder If I actually could pull of the color green as a haircolor?
Probably not! But you should not be afraid to dream or check out the look in PS! =D


This is the color im going for (but a little lighter perhaps) And then im gonna also do my hair longer.
Think it is gonna look good?
Well thats what im hoping but im buying extensions called "clip-ons" and im buying real hair, not that fake awful hair -_-
Why not spend a extra 400 to buy real hair that lasts for years that you can color and fix with like it is your own hair?
Well Im gonna see if my paycheck says it is ok becouse then im gonna order it today and then reserve a time at my hairdresser.

.tried for fun.

HAHA I was bored so I did this:
Normal me taken 10 min before
Me after:
I tried on my old extensions (real hair by the way) and yeah, well I took it in gray color becouse duuuh, the color dont match but this piccu just make me wanna save to long hair (as im already doing but still).
Waddya think?

.Good ones and the bad ones.

Well i was looking around for hair styles this morning, and yes i mainly look at the japanese fashion just becouse they dare to do more than we here in europe can mostly.
OMG if we even dared to look a little diffrent... That is why I mostly like their culture, thay dare too look a little more diffrent than us and actually dare to show what their ideal look is like.
even how weird it does look!
here is one hair fashion i thought looked aweseome!!!
The red is very well made and the haircut is styled good!
High points for this look!
Here is another look. Not something i would actually do but i give it high points for daring to show an artistic look of it. Could any one of you actually hold this look up and make it look good?
I know I couldnt!
Well im off to watch some ghost whisperer.
I´ll post later!!

.in the middle of the night.

im sitting up talking to D, playing on facebook and looking at hairstyles.

These two were kind of cool...

This short one is a little punky but cute in the same way =D

I think this is the most regular hairdesign over there, lots of hairextensions and stuff..
(just that the girl on the piccu looks scray with her eyes!)

.Cute hair designs!.

Sometimes you can find really cute hair designs!

When I have let mine hair grow a bit longer I already know what kind of design i want on my hair!
It is going to be absolutely awesome!! =D


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