God afternoon!
What are you people up to?
Well right now im gonna take a shower and then im off to buy some groceries.
Im thinking of doing a taco soup today =D
havent tried it before so i hope it tastes good.
I´ll type later!!

. for the summer .

This is the bikini I have been thinking of getting but then i have to get rid of the little tummy i have! XD
What do you think? hot or not?
One of my friends think i should get this one:
So who do you choose as the most good looking one?

.favorite song of the day.

.Just had to show you guys!.

I did a converse shoe design.
You like em? =D
I would have ordered them but my soecial someone would kill me haha.

. tired .

Hiya all!
Right now im sitting here being all tired and so on. I have to do some hardcore studying this week so the posting can be a little slim.
BUT i will put up the top three anime and manga of the week for ya =)
Post soon!
I want spring! Dont you my beloved chibis?

.good afternoon.

Well im gonna do some homework then watch some anime!
So hopefully i will get up some recomendations of the week =) Im aiming of putting up 3 of each =D
This is what im eating/ drinking right now as we speak!

.Manga recommendation of the week.

Fruits Basket

Comedy, romance, drama, shoujo, supernatural

The enigmatic Sohma family shares a great secret, its members are possessed by spirits of the Chinese Zodiac, and when they are hugged by members of the opposite sex, they transform into their Zodiac animal! Tohru Honda, an orphaned high school freshman, is given lodging in the Sohma household in exchange for taking care of household chores. The humble Tohru is quite grateful for the Sohma family's generosity, and the longer she stays with them, the more they realize what a blessing she is in their lives, as well.

Link to all the chapters:
The manga

For you who like the manga ther is also a anime, it is shorter and leaves out alot (as some anime does sometime) but it is good either way.


otome wa boku ni koishiteru
Anime of this week:
otome wa boku ni koishiteru

Genre: Comedy, drama, romance

Mizuho can't believe his ears when Grandpa's will is read out. Grandpa's final wish is for Mizuho to attend the same academy as Mizuho's mother. The catch is it's an all-girls school. With the help of friend Mariya however, he gets a makeover good enough to fool everyone at the academy.

Status: Aired/Completed: 12 Episodes

.what to do?.

Today im supposed to to a test but i cant get a hold of the teacher...

Hate that, when they say we are supposed to call in time if we cant and when we do they dont answer?

Yeah good work there... lol.

(this is me right now)


Went to the dentist today and pulled out one of my teeth.

It is not a nice feeling but it had to be done... My biggest fair at the dentist is the needle, not to get the drug itself just the look of it coming straight to your face, I almost cried a little and my heart clapped like crazy, i thought it was gonna jump out and leave me for a minute there.

But everything went fine and now for the first tome of the day im gonna try to get something to eat...

Im cooking noodles becouse it is easy to swallow. And im drinking soda from a straw... I feel kinda silly haha.

Well Maby i post later if my painkillers hasent set in and made me sleepy by that time so dont expect to much!


(Me a couple days ago with NO pain and fuctional teeth... You happy son of a bi**h, just wanna smack myself there right now hahaha.)

.good afternoon.

Hi all,

I was trying to put up some piccus from this morning but that wasnt supposed to happen apperantly..

My computer doesnt wanna reqognise my cellphone even after i installed some stuff to make it work.

It says the memorycard isnt plugged in even after i checked...

Stupid (?#¤*)!


Well what have you guys done today so far?



.taking it easy.

Hi all :)
Right now im watching the re-run of the eurovision songcontest premelinaries.
Kinda fun actually =)
Right now it is a vs contest haha.
Well later im going to bed so night night to all of you chibis ^^

.Im leaving now.

here i was bored and to amuse you I took two piccus.
One of my clothing choice with a very weird pose O_O

Then a piccu of me in NO MAKEUP! :D
This is how I look natural! :)

Now bye bye to all my cute chibis!

.Final touches.

Today I put up a little box for all of you that dont read english very good and have another native tounge.

Look to the left under the mp3 player and you find a little box that you can choose diffrent lang in. Choose a language and it will translate all the words at once for you to read.


May it be japanese, malaysian, turish, or some other language, you can read whatever.

Hope you like it!

Hugs to all my cute chibis out there!


.So true!.

the text says:

"No matter how much you accomplish in life you will never be as awesome as this"

haha love it! Awesomeness!

HUGS to all my cute chibi readers! I´ll be posting in a little bit =)

.going to bed now.

Yes I know... It is almost 4 am but i have been doing stuff!

(eating snacks and watching series)!

But now im going to bed and im taking my "womanly pains" with me...
HATE this part of the month... IF WE WERE EVER being attacked by zombies i dont think they would give you a break to go and change your tampons... So... MABY... I should take it out? =3
(Im seriously joking for you who dont get it.)

Well Sleep tight and whatever you do to be able to sleep.
Enjoy the music/videos I put up on the Ipod shuffle player and i recoment to look at:

"Luigi finally snaps"

It is hilarious!

BYE all my cute chibis!


.just saying.

Just saying =3


Im deciding between going to bed and watching some shows.

hmm... So hard !

OH like my new design?
It is just a temporary one though... Im hoping that my friend will have some time on his hands to make me a new one so i just did one on my own for fun.

I think it is ok.


AND im almost pooping my pants... From time to time there is these strange noises going on here adn my cat doesnt even dare to go there...

Aweseome... -_-

ANYWAYS... Hope you all will have a goodnight if i dont post anymore that is.

HUGS to all my chibis!

.mah new clothes!.

I promised some piccus didnt I!

Here they are! I bought some new shorts and a new top :)

There they are =) (and to answer your question on the frst piccu, yes I am sucking in my tummy, wouldnt anyone? I rather suck it in than photoshop it, takes less time HAHA)

And some final words from miss wewe:

"Thou shall not miss-use your beloved clothes becouse in the worst cases you must throw them away, so stop IT!"


Sure i can understand that you want a loud volume when you play games but seriously...
My neighbour must have his volume on MAXIMUM! I can even hear when his character is walking =s
Dont you think he has it too loud then?
Wen I notice that i have a little to high i jus dont ignore it, i lower it, i dont have to share with my neighbours that im killing zombies all day long and give their children/granchilren some pretty bad nightmares XD
If you wanna play loud so you can have the feeling to a top use HEADPHONES PEOPLE!
Use these! Arent they cool? =D  If I had the cash I would TOTALLY buy them =3

.good afternoon!.

Im gonna try this game before i can say something about it:
And then im gonna jump in a shower, post after that =)


Sorry havent really been postinf for a few days but i have been quite bizzy =)
I have been bizzy hanging out with my best friend and cleaning the whole plave here at home and playing the new game we got LEFT 4 DEAD 2!!
I tell you this... It is AWESOME! We love it!
HAHA so funny when we went to the store, we were the only two girls there except for the cashier then, we searched for the game everywhere but couldnt find it then I said "- I cant find the freaking left 4 dead 2 anywhere!", then suddenly a random guy in the store overheard (or listened im not sure) just shined up and helped us search hehe (and that was really nice), and the cashier even helped out and told us where it was! I bet they thought we were in there buying "piggy goes to school" or some lame game like that and ignored us at first haha XD, yes dudes and dudettes, girls CAN LOVE zombie killing games as well. Plus we do really rock that game, played it for solid 2 days now.
im gonna take some new piccus tomorrow, got 2 new clothes i have to show :D
YES! Im gonna act like im something and show off haha XD (not really anything to show off but lets pretend for the fun of it!).
So sleep well my cute chibis!


Just looked around the net for random blogs and.... seriously?
Is there a new fashion with the little brat kids to say "hello bitches/hoes" or whatever they call their readers...
AND, wtf is "this is so (put in name here) style", what? So the designer TOTALLY made that suff for you? Please i bet some of your readers had that "image" even before they read yours and please you dont even have a certain style, one day you guys are blonde the other day you are brunette, one day you wear fully clothing the other day yuo have an outfit that covers barely anything...
AND the funny thing is... You guys think you are the coolest thing walking this planet...
Got some news for you.. When you GROW UP, all the name calling you have done and all the trashtalking and lying, AND all the drinking.... Will NOT give you a job when you not earning any money on your blog becouse people find you dull and blog writers are out of fashion...
Omg... Cant wait for that day =3 WILL BE SO FUN!

.still hurts darnit.

As my name says my teeth STILL HURTS!
Havent gotten much sleep last night only about 2 hours... And that sucks...
So now im gonna go to bed soon.
I have school tomorrow but im going to try to get an appointment to the dentist instead... Or afterwards at least.
HOEP you all will have a good night sleep!!

.cute looking lunchbox.

Yeah I have slept like 2 hours this night becouse my freaking teeth hurt like hell after eating hard candy...
Crap... I tried to save up money to fix one tooth...
Ah well... Shit happens.
I found this piccu today!
Doesnt it make you hungry? :D
When i have some more money im totally gonna order it plus some cooking books from japan.
HUGS to all chibis out there =)

.Now im not that hungry anymore haha.

I have eaten my speciality! Fast pasta and some spagetti sauce haha.
Hard food to make huh? :P
Well right now im just taking it easy and chillin.
Feels like I have watched so many anme´s so there isnt anything to watch XD and it is annoying to be forced to wait until the next episode (feels like forever sometimes).
The can is snoring behind me and im thinking:
"Perhaps i should go to bed early today?"
Well whatever i´ll do i hope it will be at least something fun haha.
Hope everyone has a awesome day!!
HUGS to all the chibis out there!


gosh im tired folks... What are you up to?
But i think that this time im going to be nice and post new anime lists for ya :D
The last winter list and the current one.
if you have any questions just ask.

.my favorite song of the day.

.feeling funny.

This is how im feeling HAHA :D
How are you guys feeling today? Hope everything is alright with you all!


Well I´m sitting here doing NOTHING....
And that creeps me out.. I dont wanna play games i dont wanna watch anything and i dont wanna really talk either...
I must be sick...
XD Well im gonna put on some songs on my PSP it is better than doing NOTHING.
HUGS to all you cutie chibis out there

Answer a question from a reader.

When i read my mail for my blog I got a question from a reader.
The question was:
Hello Miss wewe I have a question for you!
I see you write much about anime and so on so I wonder what kind of blogs you read
and have you gotten inspiration from someone that made you start your blog?

Regards "Anonym"

Thanks for your question!
I usually dont get many but when I do I more than happily answer them.
So this is my answer:
Well the blogs I read is Gaybloggen, Kissie, I read the firt blog mainly becouse i think it is a intressting blog, the other blog I mainly read to get a laugh... Not to be mean but that blog is a good read to share up myself and to know I have it better. I feel sorry for that girl becouse she just rant about really idiotic things that makes you wonder wtf happend.
Then i read some random blogs from time to time.
But mainly I read my infromation from some random forums and mainly from the forum where I am a member where I get the best information from people with the same interessts.
Forum im member in ---> AMBB
Well A long time ago I had a blog where I only wrote about what i did and didnt use it much, so I decided to start a blog to share my own interessts and becouse I havent actually found a blog that is about this sort of things so I hope that people find their way here to share themselves.
I dont care about a famous blog I started it to hope to bring people with the same interessts.
I hope this answered your questions =)
If someone have questions dont be afraid to ask them! Just send me an e-mail and I answer it.
HUGS to all my chibi cuties out there ^^

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