.sorry for bad update.

Havent been able to write anything since i havent been home and have been busy with other things.
But i dont think it really matters haha.
Im going to go look for a new manga/anime list that will be out this summer so you can look forward to that.
But other then that im gonna take it easy and take a bath and a facial mask soon =3
I LOVE lying in the bath with a good book!

.about myself.

Becouse I randomly sometimes get mails about where i come from and whatever i decided to for the last time EXPLAIN a little about myself and hopefully that will clear up everything.
My name is Michaela and I am 23 years old and live in sweden. My blog/game/"diva" name is Miss wewe that I have used for quite some time now.
I decided to write in english becouse I have friends from other countrys that reads this blog to be updated with what im doing when we arent able to have time to talk.
I have a huge interesst in games/anime and manga amongst other things.
I decided to make this blog mostly about these subjects becouse I havent seen one and I think it is funny and intressting to talk about.

Hopefully that aswered some questions ^^

.stuck on it!.

haha I just cant stop listening to the song i put up the other day!
It makes me so happy by just listening to it!
Well anyways, today I met up my brother and we went down to the harbor and fed some birds.
I got scared a couple of times!
Becouse some of those birds are NOT scared at flying right at ya!
I just started to throw bread randomly by then just to get them away but those suckers got the bread pieces in mid air so my plan failed.
And we fed ducks that came and ate straight out of our hand and I named that duck Herbert haha.
I know im weird that way :P
Well it was a little walk and it was cozy =)
What have you done in the nice weather?


This is a awesome song i heard at the party I was at yesterday!
Do listen!

.Mail answered.

Today when i checked my blog mail I got a question.
Maby from someone that read smy blog or just someone who randomly checked it but i shall answerer it.
"Hello wewe or Miss wewe, im asking you becouse im not really sure or you might already have answered it but where do you come from and what is your favorite game or anime?
Regards C"

Thank you C for your letter and yes I have aswered the first question before but I can answer it again. I live in sweden in stockholm (not really in stockholm but in that area code at least haha), and for my favorite game and anime I must say that the TOP anime for me is Chobits, really well made and funny and also dramatic. And for my favorite game... well right now and has been for quite a while is Left 4 dead 1+2, like those games becouse it is a awesome way to blow off some steam you might have gotten during the days or whatever haha.

I hope that answered your question and if someone else have one dont be afraid to ask!
Plus as I have said before, a person that sends in a anime/game/manga with a good review on it will get a link.


. what to do? .

Hiya all!
What are you up to?
Yeah im being up late and all but im thinking of either watching the new Naruto Movie or take a bath.
I will probably take a bath and read a book before bed hehe.
Im such a night owl.
Well im off!!
(Piccu for earlier becouse it is kinda dark to take a new one and i look like a !%$# haha)

.off to school.

This is my look for today, the only thing you cant see is my baggy pants =3
Well im off to do a test now and after that im going to go look for a cute skirt and a top for a meeting I will have on tuesday =D
HUGS! Wish me luck!

.tired and should go to bed.

Well i should go to bed right about now but im not that tired... well i am ired but hey... I go to bed when i feel like it!
Me and my best friend R played the new course in Left 4 Dead 2 today!
I like the courses on it but they are so freaking LONG!
And i got a new game on it too.
Called mutation. Cant see really how diffrent it is from everything else except you dont see the items as good and the zombies (that you can play as) are harder to kill.
Well we got it thanks to RI and im so thankful for it!!! =D
Well im off for today!
Hope you had a nice day!


How far would you go after someone?
If you are dumped by a person you dont keep on going there and texting like a maniac beliving the person will find it cute and take you back!
But the most pathetic thing is when people go and spread lies on like facebook and make up a story so everyone will talk trash about a person who has done NOTHING wrong.
Well my good sir, you will always be and idiot... if not a pathetic idiot...

.amusing herself.

This is actually what im doing right now haha :D
I love Sudoku!
Sometimes i wish i was as good at math as I am at this thing!
Well im going to watch some anime episodes right now and then MABY i put up a new upcoming anime list for ya?

.cute xbox cover.

Cutest ting i have ever seen!
Only problem i think i would have with it is it would be hairy quite fast becouse of my cat but what the heck.. it is adorable!!

.happy day.

today has been really awesome!
babysitting a really cute kid and having really fun, hangin out with my friends.
Hope your day have been as awesome as mine!
What have my readers done today?


.upcoming anime.

Anime: Asobi ni Iku yo!
Summary: The story centers around Kio Kakazu , a high school freshman living in Okinawa. During a memorial service for one of his family ancestors. A mysterious girl with cat ears appears before him indroducing herself as Eris and claiming that she is an alien. However She be more troubling than he first realizes.
This anime will be out around 2010-07
Hopefully it will be good!

.god mornin.

Im kinda pissed and tired at the same time.
Seems like people i know got up at the wrong side this morning.
Seriously.. If you are in a bad mood dont freaking call me early in the morning to complain.
Well today im gonna clean and check the laundry room.
Thinking about what to post also and maby changeing the music on the blog.
Not sure.
Well anyways i post a little later ^^

.the other part of the list.

If you feel you cant read the summarys good enough then save them to your computer and zoom up on them.


I have to put up the manga version on another one so you are aware of it =)

. tired as always .

Hiya all wazzap?
I came home not so long ago and im beat...
Well in fact i got home arounf ten this morning.
I hate sitting on trains, their seats arent that nice haha.
So right now im listening to some music and gonna clean up some.
Im checking up on the list im gonna put up but im trying to make sure I havent put recommendations already.
How fun is it to watch something again? :P
bye bye!


How long has it been since i posted? 2 weeks? well maby a little more.
Well first i had a friends from the states visiting me then i got sick so.
How have you guys been?
Im going to post my top three anime and manga list later this evening as a sorry ^^

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