.Starting to get late dont you think?.

haha my friend is so nice =) I said for a joke that she was gonna do my dishes and right now she is doing it XD
I have such nice friends! <3

Here she is!
(Of course I asked before i posted i always do)

Isnt she just cute?!? ^_^

And of course she is a game/manga/anime geek like me and that = FABOULUS! hehe.
She is one of my bestest friends/neighbours i have!

Love ya hun!

.About the game i tried.

Well i promised i was gonna tell you about the game i was gonna try and here is my toughts:

the games name is : "Alexandra Fortune: Mystery of the Lunar Archipelago"

Its is a find the missing stuff in the game, and it it pretty fun to play. I guess it is one of those addictive games.
I can see myself to be honest to finish this game in about less than 2 hours thats why i dont wanna buy it. I want a game that i can play a while, but for you who like these games can look at the piccus i post and then press the link to download the try out version that i got. You get 1 hour free play time and then you have to buy it. But if you like it why not =).

Press the piccus to get them larger.

Here is the link.


.Todays adventure haha.

Well sorry i havent posted much but i have had much to do today. I thought i wanted to post i little quick and then start dinner and cleaning.

Plus got my new top today. What do ya think of it? =)

My mobile isnt the BEST camera XD

Plus i did my hair a little special today also. Just becouse i had the time hehe.

Well now im gonna try a new trail game that I found. And if i like it i buy it. Tell you more about it when i have tried it.

Hugs and love to you all!

.Do you want the "old look" for halloween?.

Well I found this clip on youtube, a guy put up a tutorial how you can put on makeup to be able to look older.
Well I think that is pretty cool if you like wanna go as grandma or something for halloween!

He is extremley good!!



.well this is my first update form yesterday.

Dont worry i will write enough so you havent missed anything.

me and my bestfriend went to a café yesterday and ate some delich food.


It is Foccatia with chicken in it and salad on the side. And i drank warm chokolate with it!
Well I had whipped cream on my drink but... my mouth was faster than the camera =3 hehe

Well im gonna eat some food now becouse im playing megaten (oh shocking right?)
Well I will update later after I have taken a shower ^^

bye bye!

.Sorry for bad update.

Well have have had much classes today! I will post some piccus from today and tell you more tomorrow becouse now im heading for bed.


. Piccus! .

well I thought im gonna post some piccus!
So here they are!

Here is a piccu from tonight when i watched my movies.

Looks like fire!!! Hehe.

Well now im heading for bed! Good night! (I tell you about my opinion about the movies tomorrow!)


Well this evening im gonna watch two movies that i have been wanting to see and that is "The fantom of the opera" and "Marie antionette" ^^

I hope they are as awesome as i think they are.
PLus i have been trying a new chokolate since yesterday. I think it is good but it isnt a chokolate you can take bog bites of but very small bites XD
It tastes axacly like christmas! Well in my opinion, many people dont like this chokolate at all but i do and then i think.. "well sucks for them then it is more for me mohahaha".

here is a piccu:

Plus this piccu have taken from : http://littlenova.blogg.se

It was the best piccu i found when searching on Google.se

Well im off to watch my movies!!! have an awesome NIGHT!

.Would you even wanna sit here?.

Ok i guess you who watch sports IRL - in real life have once or twice gotten a bad seat.
But what would you say if you got a seat that was so terrible that you cant even see wnything?

Looks at these seats that is in the new stadium in Indianapolis that opened in 2008.

See much?

.What are you wearing for halloween?.

As you all know it is soon Halloween and everyone is trying to figure out what they are gonna wear as a costume.
I havent really decided haha.
But i found some cute outfits!!

This one I would totally wear!

Arent these two the cutest Mario Brothers ever?

WHO would put their baby as a whoopie cushion? Seriously?

What are you gonna wear?


Today it´s friday and im just gonna sit at home and relax.
Watch the latest episode of naruto and perhaps re-watch lucky star.
Feels nice ^^
Right now im listening to my latest music favorites.
I put a video of the artist here below but i can say what songs im listening to:

BoA - I did it for love
BoA - Eat you up      
BoA - Energetic        

Absoluetly a awesome artist! You should really listen to these songs!
It is absolutely party songs ^^

Here are some headphones I want!

Cute eh?

These are cool!

And just becouse I love hello kitty hehe.

Hope you have an awesome evening!

.Awesome song by BoA.

. Ever want to learn how to dance like in the anime´s?.

Well I have heard much talk and wiahes around that they could know the dances in some animes.
Well This is your lycky day hehe.
I found a video that you can learn how to dance that "dance" they do in the "SOS Brigade" anime!
First the vido start off slow so you can try to memorize it and then at full speed.
Well try it =)


Right now im gaming MegaTen.
Well if you still wonder what that is you can check a little further down on older posts and you get wat i think about it. I will post a piccu someday of my character and demon =)

have an awesome evening!

. lots and lots to do!.

Well today i wished I could write more but i cant.
I have lots to do and not much time. So now im gonna eat some food and then it is time to do my essays!
So hopefully I have time to post later but i wont make any promises. =)

Some people just doesnt get it -_-

Hello people!
Well this may sound harsh and all but i mean it in a good way, my way that is.
When i strictly say DO NOT PROMOTE your blog here i really mean it. Even if people just say hello and such i still check out my posters pages.
And if you think that you wont be found by putting yourself as "secret" i can still block that ip adress of yours.
So this is the final warning!
If you promote it you will get banned.
I will not visit those pages at all so dont waste my time.
But for you others thank you for your cute posts and I hope you had an awesome day!
I will post some later.
Now it is tv time!

Congrats Foki on your blog awards!

Well here in sweden we had a blogaward this evening and the big winner in three categories was:



Plus it also was her 18´th Birthday so Happy B-day hun!

She won:
"Årets Nykomling"
"Årets mest originella blogg"
"Årets blogg"

Hope you had an awesome evening!

Haha this is for all the women out there who have given birth enjoy!

Piccus =)

Here is some piccus I just took of the little one and me before she fell asleep.

Isnt she just cute?

Dont i look very energetic in this one? :P

Here is two piccos from the other day when her mom put on a song called "som en gummiboll"

Well waddya think? =) Cute isnt she? ^^

Babysitting =)

Well today im babysitting my friends little daughter ^^
Right now im trying to feed her some oatmeal with some fruit flavor in it but it goes as it goes.
Right now actuallt it goes quite well, she eats really good.
But I think i will get her something to drink. She is quite tired also.
So I gave her a little food in the bottle, cuz you can do that too as long as she can eat it and likes it.
She and I went down to the mall like 2 ours ago. I baought some dinner for me and then some dinner for her today and some dessert, then some lunch food for tomorrow.
Then i forgot to buy me some ciggarettes so i will ask her mom to buy me some before she gets here.
Well Now she is lying in front of the tv drinking water and almost sleeping.

here is a piccu of when i tried to feed her haha

I´ll take more piccus and type more ltaer =)


Here I am again sitting up late at night.
But can you see why? ;)
Yes you are right I have fixed up my blog =D
Well I got tired of the old look so I changed it to something more...me?

And to another topic... (I just as can take it now when i have the baby safe and sound quiet in the bed sleeping), babies are so cute when they sleep =). Soon im gonna join the little jewel to a trip to goodnight land XD.

Well my question is, what is fall for you?
Some people say, "ooh it is so nice when the leaves change colors!" But what do you say?

But yeah sure... The leaves are beutiful... But the cold making you freeze to hell isnt that nice. But I shouldnt complain really about this cold... Becouse when the winter come that weather will bite me in the ass fo saying that the fall weather was cold.

Well Im heading for bed!

.baby is sleeping.

Im babysitting my friends daugther now this three days forward.
She is so cute =)
I just hope she can have as fun with me as she has with her mum. But tomorrow im gonna go out and go to the park with her ^^
Well maby i´ll type a bit later.

XOXO Mickis!

Ranting about the average day

Well, my last two days hasnt been what I have expected.
Always something to foul the good mood im having like im not worth having one.
Jeezes... Just let me have one day with a good mood at least without coming on with something that will bring it down several stages.
I belive many of you actually feel the same and it is quite annoying when it happens.
Well I have decided to live on not caring about it anymore (sure it sounds easy but it isnt), why should I always have somting against me? ALL THE FREAKING TIME!
Seriously gimme me a break.

XOXO Mickis!


Well sorry for the bad updating but my computer (or ratehr my roommates) has had a mind of it´s own and doesnt wanna open certain pages and like the other day just shut off the ineternet completely and slow the whole computer down. Yes.. I love it very much sometimes especally when me and M couldnt understand WHY the bastard didnt want to work. Well well... =P

Today it is school so im off, i havent been so well lately but whatever....
And here is a new piccu!

Here im talking on the phone 8.30 in the morning.

Well gotta go!

xoxo Mickis!


Hi everyone!
Seriously... I slepts all yesterday thru, I was that tired! So I woke up today around 15 past 12 pm.
Today I am gonna follow my friend to the dentist and do some cleaning and shopping.
I am STILL tired XD If I was allowed i would go and sleep for a couple hours more XD

Well more updating later!!

XOXO Mickis!


Well last night me and my two friends (one here from sweden and one from the US) had our game night.
It lasted until now and we started 00.30 AM XD Played 9,5 hours straight XD OMG im so tired!!
Well i guess that is not so hard to understand.

Well if you wonder what game it was the game is called "Megaten" and i put up some pictures here and then it is bye bye.

Press the images to get larger ones.
Plus you cant really get the awesomeness in this game until you actually play it, i usually dont play these type of games but this really got me and now im hooked hehe.
So far the only negative thing I can say is that it is not funt that you cant beat your monster alone, a idiot can come anytime and deliver the final blow and get the xp for it.

Well until next time!!

XOXO Mickis!

Fall´s in and out list for me!

XOXO Mickis!

. Day over .

Well im going to sit in the couch now and eat some icecream..


But im gonna try to take some piccus tomorrow, and im planning on changeing my header.

Well im off to the couch!!!

XOXO Mickis!

Cleaning day!

Today Im gonna do some cleaning.
But im also gonna take it easy, and study and stuff.
I dont wanna fall behind so im gonna try to make it up later. But im also gonna try to make this place SPOTLESS!


Im gonna type some later,

XOXO Mickis!

Swedish boring stuff XD

HAR DU ? ..
Folköl i kylen: Nej.
Något husdjur : Katt
Någon favoriträtt : Stark mat :P
Någon flick/pojkvän : Har en karl ja :P
Puder på dig : Näe
Några framtidsplaner : Bra jobb, familj, ha ett bra liv helt enkelt haha
Någon sjukdom: Nope
Gymkort : Nej har träningscyckelg
Några kärleksproblem :  Nope
En homosexuell kompis : japp
Duschat idag : japp
Någon kompis som snarkar : R.
Någon vän som spelar i ett band : Inte längre
Några mvg:n : det var länge sen haha
Någon som förstår dig : Ja som tur är.
Tuff kompis som kan försvara dig : R.
Något beroende : Nikotin
Fikat idag : Nej
Nagellack : Nej
Någon vän som bor i ett annat land : Ja ett par

VEM ? ..
Avskyr du :
Inte någon
Hånar du : Ingen växt ifrån sådant sen länge
Delar du mest minnen med : Nära o kära
Längtar du mest efter : hehe ja alla har vi ngn/några vi längtar efter
Gosar du med : Måns
Vem stör dig : Ingen
Lagar mat : Jag
Diskar : jag

Tidning läser du :
Aftonbladet eller veckans NU!
Buss åker du oftast : Åker aldrig buss
Frisyr har du : Hästsvans
Dag fyller du år : 12 Februari
Årstid föredrar du : Våren och vintern
Stad är du uppväxt i : Nynäshamn

VAD ? ..
Gör du nu :
Sitter här o inte har mkt o göra.
Gör dig till en bra människa : Bryr mig och finns till hands när folk behöver det
Gör dig till en dålig människa :
Grubblar i saker för mkt
Vill du arbeta med : Människor
Är roligast just nu : Stunden jag har med nära o kära
Har du på dig nu : Mysbyxor o tjockiströjja
Har du för smink idag : Inget
Äger du för skor : Utslitna Nike skor
Har du för storlek i skor : 39 i vanliga skor 40 i finskor
Läser du för bok : Skolböcker
Ska du göra nu : Lägga mig i soffan

Bad updating tough day.

Sorry all XD
I have had a tough day today as the deadline is saying so I have practicly slept all day,
geez in these times you really see how far behind you are with everyting!
I thought i had everything under controll and when I have least expeced it everything feels lost!
I didnt know how or when but it just became like that O_O

Well I just have to pick up the pace and hope that everything turns around.ä

XOXO Mickis!

Love it!

Dont know how many of you who even watch the show but frankly I dont care haha.
I LOVE Greys Anathomy!!!!
The only thing i hate that in sweden where i live we are behind in certain episodes.
Thats why i rather watch them online.
No I dont download, why should I when people put them up where I can watch for free?
But still... It is like that with many shows.

plus there I can watch without those fucking commercials!!
Im so sick and tired of that even if people are in a conversation or whatever they suddenly switch to commercials and sometimes dont even pick up where they ended. WHY? Cant you wait two freaking minutes?
Oh im sorry I just wanted to hear the whole conversation between them but I guess that was to much to ask.
Oh sure I might miss out on something important but it is not like i follow the show no... I just watch in in the middle and pretend i know what the fuck it is about!
Is this where our money go?
If it is, i wanna stop giving you moeny. No wait! GIVE BACK MY MONEY! I pay a great deal of money to watch tv and then I dont expect crap on it, plus can I get it cheaper if I take away 90 % of the channels?
But no, im supposed to pay for crap that I dont watch in the days and for them to put decent films and shows in the middle of the night.
Thank you for flushing my money down the toilet, that is what i wanted.
Plus I think many people feel the same way, how about let the people decide what they wanna watch? Not what you think will work! And then if people do like it you take the show off the air, awesome..

Well thank god for the internet!

Ranting for the day is done :P

If you feel the same way or wanna rant about something leave a message.
Good night all readers!

XOXO Mickis!


Have you sometimes had a really bad day?

Well these are one of mine XD

Feels like evrything around me is happening and im just left out and everything that im supposed to do is going in the wrong direction...

What the hell!!!!

XOXO Mickis!!!


Yeah i know im such a bad updater! BAD MICKIS! *slaps her own hand*

There now we all can feel at ease right? hehe.
Well nothing much have happened, i have snapped a couple of times for several reasons i dont have to bring up here.
and I have watched diffrent things on tv. For all you Sweeds out there did you watch "Körslaget" the other day?
Well Amy Diamonds group were the best in my own opinion, but i think it sucks that they havent taped all of the "auditions" so you can watch them online. A person I know is on the show and i wanted to see his audition but no... I can only see ONE mans audition and that is a person i dont care about.
Sure he was hot and all.... Wait... I think I will go watch that clip now hehe.

*several minutes later*

He was CUTE!
Well anyways... TV4 lift your fucking asses and put in the auditions on the webpage for godness sake!!! It is not like you havent have time!!

Well all take care, that was my ranting for the day.

XOXO Mickis!

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