Dear santa

. not cute at all, or is it? .

I thought it was darn ugly at first but hey... You are allowed to change right?
You can wear it casual or just when you work out.
It is bought at H&M for 99sek (swedish currensy)


This is what im wearing right now!
Like the shoes?
Im putting up a piccu of them later so you can see more details.

.Clothing ordered.


Do you agree that it is beutiful? =D
Myself I would prefer something purple but I bet there is plenty of people out there liking pink hehe.

.for you who love asian fashion.

For you who LOVE asian fashion!
There is a site (I actually found today) that you can talk to other with the same interests!

.here they are.

I promised I would show the clothing I want to show you guys and here it is (including a bag).
A cozy sweater! Also can be used as a jacket. WANT IT! ;)
A sweater, cute and stylish! And of course when I want it they dont have it.. *sob*
And here is the bag... I WANT IT! Isnt it cute? =D
All of these can be looked up and bought at

. fashion .

All of us that ADORES the school costumes  and wish we had the same thing...
CAN we really blame it after seeing the japanese school fashion?
Who wouldnt want to see their kids wearing this to school? I would love to see my daughter (if I had one) to wear it.
I wish I had one when I was in school!

.made a design.

Mina designade sko på NELLY.COM

Help me win, vote on my shoes here!

I made a shoe design on and would be happy if you voted on them =)




.cut my own design.

Today my grandma gave me her old t-shirts so i decided to put my own design on them since then were WAY to big. Old people buying really large t-shirts for no reason sometimes.

It actuallt looks better in irl than it does when i take a piccu with my cam haha.


.todays outfit.

Nothing special about it, havent even done my hair yet but it is good enough to go to work with! =D

. for the summer .

This is the bikini I have been thinking of getting but then i have to get rid of the little tummy i have! XD
What do you think? hot or not?
One of my friends think i should get this one:
So who do you choose as the most good looking one?

.Just had to show you guys!.

I did a converse shoe design.
You like em? =D
I would have ordered them but my soecial someone would kill me haha.

.mah new clothes!.

I promised some piccus didnt I!

Here they are! I bought some new shorts and a new top :)

There they are =) (and to answer your question on the frst piccu, yes I am sucking in my tummy, wouldnt anyone? I rather suck it in than photoshop it, takes less time HAHA)

And some final words from miss wewe:

"Thou shall not miss-use your beloved clothes becouse in the worst cases you must throw them away, so stop IT!"

. Shopping <3 wee-chan .

Yes people.. I was without cigarettes and i felt the urge to do something and i shopped...

Some stuff at HM that isnt much to show but these I wanted to shot you guys!

(The shirt i ordered is green but I ordered the last one so no piccu of it)

I love the dress! It is so CUTE!

Press the marked word below to get to the webpage where you can buy this fashion!


hello all my cute readers.
Just found a cute cosplay piccu!

For you who watch anime or read manga do you know who this is from? =)

.cute or not?.

What do you think?
I like the sweatpants but not... yeah.. XD


haha found these on a site !
arent they cute? I totally want em!!


I found this other cute clothing page what do ya think? :D

I totally love how they put up the looks something i would totally wear!


Found this today and i think the look by the right is really cute!!

Dont you agree?

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