.Writing a list.

Sitting here and writing the list of what me and my boyfriend is going to buy for our aparment...
Geez do we people really need so much stuff?
(Not that I complain!)
ok maby I am, but hey....
Name 10 things in your place you bought that you felt that you could not live without and sooner realized that you never used it... Yeah... You are coming up with more than 10 stuff huh?
Well when my game is done im going to play some sims medival.
Maby I write something later maby I dont.
// Miss WeWe


We suck at updating this blog. Well, i'm alive, so is wewe. we are busy people. and my son is waking up right in this moment. so i have to go again.


Time to sleep

Goldy and I was playing a little while ago and of course it was left 4 dead as we usually do when we get together and play.
We were going to play blazeblu but nah...
We watched some tv becouse we werent in top notch today, tired and just not much energy that showed in our gaming strategy (not that we suck but we dont play as fast as we usually do).
So now im going to hit the sack and sleep.
Slept for like three ours last night so I need to sleep in.
Type something good tomorrow.
// Miss WeWe

Goldy Answers

Vad kul att ni blir två! När får man se dig? Hur länge har ni kännt varann? Vad ska du da skriva om? Kommer man få se din beebis nått ?? =D Förlaat för masssa frågor men tycker om eran blogg!!!

Yes it's awsome that we are two ;D I will put up a picture when i find a decent one.
I'm going to write about alot of stuff, but mostly about the games i play and some stuff about myself.
I wont be putting up any pictures about my son for the momen, i dont know if i'm going to put one up in the future, maby someday ;)
// Goldy

HATE facebook games...

Really freaking irritating when facebook got some "games" you casually play while doing something else,
(like I do all the time haha),
and yeah either it doesnt start OR it frezzes in the middle of something and of course then a pop up shows
" going under maintenence be back shortly "
Yeah... if it didnt piss me off then it pisses me off more to actually take the game away or start playing something else...
Ok, I have laready wasted my time life playing it so why stop?
Well.... Im just kinda made that way... But I wish facebook made more fun games and that you can make yourself more personal in it.
Well well....
Time for a bath!!


I´ts wednesday and I dont have energy at all!
Watching masterchef UK right now and stuffing myself with cheezeballs and chocolate.
(It´s tasty)
(Really really tasty)
but hopefully I get my big ass and do something useful.
Hope everyone had a yummy day!!
// Miss WeWe

New here.

I’m going to start with this: MY ENGLISH SUCKS!

Just letting you know :)
My dear friend Wewe wanted me to do this thing with her, so I’m going to try it.

I’m 23 years old, I have a son who is turning 4 months today! :) I live with my boyfriend in the smallest town on earth ( it feels like the smallest )
I loooove playing games, especially left 4 dead, oh my god I could play it 24/7. I’m not in to onlinegames, I usually play L4D, silent hill ( but never alone! ) the sims, and I play Super Mario on my Nintendo Wii. And some other games to. I will write about it here when I have the time. My son takes some time during the days, but I will try to update as much as I can.

I’ve written a little about myself, and I will try to write some more later.


Aaaaand we´re back!!

Today the blog starts up again!
(Kidding with the yay part but fun eitherway)
There is going to be some changes to the blog!
Not HUGE changes but positive changes,
the first big change is that the blog is not only going to be written by me but now my co-writer "Goldylocks"
She is a gamer and a mom so she is going to take som topics for herself, but we both going to rite about games and such.
So the header is going to be switched. plus the email where you guys can reach us and she is going to be writing her own interduction so you guys will get to know her.
Other than that the blog will continue as it was before but it is going to be better!
SO hopefully you´ll like it!
(Even if you dont we dont really care so just stop reading in that case ;3 )
XOXO Miss WeWe


Well for 23 years I was this:
and apperantly now im this:
How about fuck you?
This is what I really am!


Was going to get my package today with new clothing and shoes...
Stupid H&M sent my package wrong! So where is it?! Nobody knows I guess!
I went in checking becouse the time for my smstext about getting the package was late and was I found was:
"package has either went thru the wrong terminal or sent to the wrong adress"
Well to calm myself im going to be playing some Sims 3.

.funny actually.

The more you put in a effort to show that you care the more "shit" you get back thrown at you?
I Have always been a person to always show in actions how I feel about someone and to make them happy.
But I always get amazed that some people just take so much from you and never gives you anything to still expect to get as much?
So I have decided to be one of those that stop giving everything and get nothing.
Becouse what have that gotten me?
This is what:
1. Tears
2. more stone feeling heart
3. A more empty wallet
4. loneliness.
Put your foot down too!

. =( .

Im sick today and it is not a party in my head at all!
Well im going to clean up the place and then perhaps watch a movie or so...
Nothing much to do right?

.Hopefully I find something.

Yup this is what Im doing for the moment.
Im trying to find something good enough that I like to buy.
Most of all I want a bookshelf but some of them is crazy expensive!
Even if it is the same design the take crazy prices when it is a diffrent color.
I want this in black and it is a 1000 kr (swedish currency).
Seriously isnt black one of the most easiest colors known to man?
Ah well im going to see if they sell it cheap somewhere.

.cozy day.

Well im going to buy something delish!
So im just wearing cozy clothing for today and just put up my hair in a weird scrungy hairdo.
Well im going to do some stuff before leaving but I post when I get back! =)

.great news for me!.

All that is needed to say is this:


Becouse cheezeballs is the cheezier snack!

No im just  kidding but seriously... Im just a little morning tired so thats why not a very intressting post here.
PLus I havent put on my "face" yet so yeah....
A good enough post will appear when im done XD
Just wait for it!


Sorry my little muffins.
I have been working and celebrating my brother all day so havent had the time to put up a decent post.
BUT tomorrow I have a day off =3
What shall I post huh? ;)

.back home.

So got home and im waiting for a friend to show up!
We are going to have a anime movie day ^^
So right now im listening to music, geez what a productive afternoon huh? ;)

. say what? .

Hiya again!
Well I have been cleaning my closet (it worked out fine actually) but it´s not done, and cleaned my bed and changed the sheats... Also picked up 90% of the clothes in my room and going to put up a time in the laundry room so I can wash everything =)
Im probably going to start again tomorrow.
I also started to fix my mirror! =)
I hope it turns out well!
Now im going to make a evening snack and then turn in.
Work tomorrow!
(old piccu but this little fellow in my lap there is now 5 years! 28 December is his birthday!)


This is what I want!
But well.... My closet dont look like that XD
Well IM gonna take a before and a after piccu ;)
Wish me luck!

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